To many people around the world Swami Vishwananda is a guiding light at the end of the tunnel of life.

This blog has been created so people can share their wonderful, beautiful and joyful stories they have about Swami Vishwananda. Swami Vishwananda is the embodiment of Bhakti (devotion) and Unconditional Love. He is pure unconditional love and that is his message to everyone. Free of judgment, pride or ego when you are in the presence of Swami Vishwananda you are overwhelmed with a sense of unconditional love.

Please understand this blog is free of any organisations influence and comes directly and only from people who have had and are still having wonderful experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda. This blog is from the heart of those who write the comments and they do so because the love that they experienced with Swami Vishwananda is bursting to be shared. When you read the comments you will feel that love inside you. That is the blessing of love it can be shared anywhere and anytime.

So why have I started this blog? Please note I am just someone who wanted to share mine and others experiences that we have had with Swami Vishwananda to the world. During the various spiritual gatherings that we facilitate here in South Africa and sometimes in other countries people always want to hear about my experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda. They sit alert and listen attentively as I tell my stories and experiences that I have been blessed enough to have in my short time of actually knowing Swami Vishwananda. I know there are many more such wonderful experiences out there waiting to be shared so next time someone asks me to share mine I can lead them here and they can read hundreds of such experiences.

The about piece of Swami Vishwananda is just so that you can see where he comes from and other pieces of his Biography. I have had one or two people ask if this is Swami Vishwanada actually writing this and facilitating this blog. The answer is no. I live in South Africa and started this blog for the reasons above so everyone who reads this blog can walk away with a smile and their hearts filled with love.

Let us share our beautiful experiences and encounters with Him on this blog.

The blog is broken down into 3 sections Swami Vishwananda (our wonderful experiences with Swami), Atma Kriya and Darshan (our experiences during Darshan). The initial post is there and you just add a comment so all can see and read. Please note this is a blog based on unconditional love and all comments must be free of judgement, pride and ego.

To read and post a comment on the relevant sections please click on the sections tag or you can scroll down and read the introduction for each post. If you want to comment please click on the orange header of each post so that it will take you to that post. There you will be able to comment at the bottom of the post and read other comments. You can comment without being logged in just choose anonymous as your log in and click post comment.

May the Lord bless you all on you journey of discovering the essence of your heart pure unconditional love.

I ask all of you to share your experiences with Swami Vishwananda no matter how small you may think they are so everyone may feel the love and joy. Also you dont have to write your name after each comment all I ask is that the experience you share comes from the heart with love.

One final note please write your comments in english ;-)

Much love

Dhanam Jay

Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Kriya Babaji is the enlightened soul that is spoken about in Auto Biography of a Yogi. There are numerous accounts and tails of Babaji’s life and teachings across the globe and internet. I will put down three conversations I had with Babaji concerning Swami Vishwananda, Atma Kriya and other Kriya on the internet.

Firstly I asked Babaji about Swami Vishwananda and said to Him there is a lot of controversy surrounding him at the moment my Lord is Swami Vishwananda still with you and was Swami Vishwananda ever with you. Please guide me and help me to understand this. Babaji answered “know this my dear child He (Swami Vishwananda) is always close to me and always with me”. He went on further to say “know that the teachings are pure” referring to Swami Vishwananda and Atma Kriya.

I also asked him about all the people on the net that claim to be doing his (Babaji's) work and he said “know that even if the message is not guided by me those who follow it seek me and find me they will”.

Babaji’s message and guidance is simple, it is one of love pure unconditional love that is free of judgement. It is free off judgement so that you yourself may be free.

If you have any wonderful stories to share of you and Babaji write them down with love. Let his love shine through your heart as you free yourself from all else except unconditional love and remember who you are.


Anonymous said...

Some one asked me the other day how come you can feel Babaji’s presence I can’t feel it, so what makes you so special? I said that the answer in to your question lies in your question. You are trying to feel Babaji and I simple became more aware of Him. When you become aware of Him around you begin to feel him.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first day Babaji’s presence became aware to me. It was like being wrapped in a cloak of pure love. It was so beautiful that nothing else could actually compare to it. After that first experience one can only hope, pray and dream that a second experience like the first comes your way. But you come to understand that Babaji is always close by and like I said in the Atma Kriya post the more you do your Kriya the more Babaji becomes aware to you. I pray and hope that each one of you may get the blessing of feeling Babaji close to you.

Anonymous said...

did you guys see the new book Unity with the Divine? they have it in springen.... it is so so so so beautiful. :)

Paari said...

yes! The book is really nice and it brings you closer to Babaji! :o)

Anonymous said...

That's true Paari. The book is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

i also just finished the book and it changed my life!!!

Dhanamjayananda said...

Yes I to have just read the book and it is amazing. You can feel and sense Babaji with you as you read the book. If you are able to get a copy I suggest you take the first opportunity that you can. It will enlighten you to so much ;-))

Anonymous said...

I was blessed to be a friend of Utpalavati while Unity with the Divine was being written. She shared some of the epistles while they were being received. It was as if Paul in the Christian Bible were writing letters to the churches. It is clear that Babiji intends to open and change the hearts of his readers as we journey with in.